At PSN, it's all about you - helping you achieve your goals. 

We understand we all lead busy lives, and nutrition planning and training need to fit in with life and work - our approach is flexibile and adaptable - providing solutions that work for you.

Weight Management

We all have to eat.  But there is so much written about food, it's hard to know what to believe let alone what to choose to eat.  I work through the science to so you don't have to!

  • Analysis of current food intake and lifestyle, plus identification of goals

  • Detailed nutrition plans tailored to your individual needs

  • In-person consultations to work through plans and help build your knowledge and confidence

  • Suitable for specific diets including vegetarian, vegan or religious practices

  • I can work with you and, if appropriate, your GP (to monitor health markers)

  • Option to add in exercise programme

Performance Nutrition

  • Analysis of current food intake and lifestyle plus identification of goals

  • Detailed recommendations tailored to your individual needs 

  • Ongoing plans or one-off strategies for specific events 

  • All aspects of performance nutrition covered, for example:

    • Baseline intake to ensure excellent health​

    • Fuelling for and recovery after training to maximise adaptations

    • Preparation for specific competitions or events

    • Body composition changes (can monitor with sum of skinfold analysis)

    • Travel strategies

    • Use of ergogenic aids

  • I can work with you and, if appropriate, your coach, or Martin (to help with coaching)

Sports Science Services

Individualised coaching programmes to:

  • Train towards specific events or physiological goals

  • Make the best use of your time

  • Improve technique and efficiency

  • Help return from injury as quickly as possible

Other Services

  • Body Composition Analysis (% Body Fat analysis using sum of skinfolds) to define baseline levels and monitor changes

  • Nutrition and Sports Science presentations to Corporates, Charities, Clubs etc - To improve health and fitness; general Workplace Wellness; or simply as part of team building or motivational exercise

  • Nutrition presentations to junior athletes to promote the importance of great nutrition for performance 

  • Lifestyle Sessions - Menu planning, writing a shopping list, planning store-cupboard items, guided supermarket trips, cooking sessions

Specific plans can be tailored to your individual needs, either as one-off consultations or ongoing packages.  Consultations can be in-person or via phone or Skype.  Please contact us (see next tab) to discuss how we can help you